The US and The Kids

If this country actually believed in its future and it’s children, then we’d have to take a second language in school like the rest of the world. America hates it’s children. Am I the only who truly feels we are caring less and less about the next generation?


Ganzo catches up to the times!

Well, here it is. I am now officially blogging. I think this will be good for me. The social networks seem to make people not who they really are and adds an emotional element that isn’t usually there. Maybe it that there is no emotion on the internet so no one can ever tell how you’re actually presenting it to them. See, this is already a good start. I hope those who check my blog will enjoy my insights into the world and feel they can openly discuss and give feedback freely. “It’s a brave new world out there, at least it better be” – Gene Hackman – Enemy of the State