Welcome to the 1600’s

I recently read an Op-Ed on New York Times Online and it revealed, what I have been fighting against for well over 4 years, the church is about to gain control of the United States.

“The real danger is that, inundated with “alternative facts,” many voters will simply shrug, asking, “What is truth?” — and not wait for an answer.

In that world, the leader becomes the only reliable source of truth”

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Why Nobody Cares the President is Lying



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Japan flag design by Delao

I feel like it only took America one week to forget about what has happened in Japan. Entire communities are gone. Gone! Imagine you live in a town and within hours that town no longer exits. Along with most of the people in it. I’ve been reading more and more stories about entire towns that are so devastated, they don’t even plan on rebuilding them. Take time to give something to Japan and at this point, acknowledging they are even there would be enough.