Depression and society have been slowly killing me for 30 years 

Far too often we as a society view depression as being down, unhappy, and sad. It includes those emotions, but is far from what it is. It’s debilitating, it’s degrading, it’s something far worse then a feeling. Depression will take over your body and mind; it will destroy you and everything you know to be good. After 32 years of battling the disease, I can affirm that I now understand why those without direct help, choose suicide. It’s not because they want to, it’s because depression has done it’s disgusting job and convinced them there is literally no other option. When society tells you to just be positive, remember the good, etc., I want to tell them to go fuckthemselves. I want them to experience a crippling disease and then say that bullshit. When society tells me to just be happy, I wish a fire upon their house, why? Because them telling me to buck up and be positive is no different. It’s them telling me “I’m could care less, here’s some gasoline and matches”. If this blogged paragraph doesn’t make sense to you, you are the absolute problem. You are who I blame for the lack of respect and empathy I recieve because of mental health. I’m sure I could word this better or be less judgemental, but after 30+ years of abuse from the world because of my disease, why should I respect you?